Factory 2We’re now the coolest factory on the Hume Hwy, and we’re gearing up to launch!

This amazing artwork painted by up-and-coming Melbourne artist Oliver Reade, has put Circular Food on the map.

Our official launch date is the 2nd of July. We will be opening the doors for retail sales, launching our new website, and reopening online sales.



Circular Food has a new home! 28/5/16

We are excited to announce that Circular Food now lives at 105 Hume Hwy, Somerton, VIC.

It has been a long move-in process but the new site is starting to feel like home. On Tuesday the first truck load of equipment and worms arrived –

DSC00763 (800x600) DSC00775 (800x600) DSC00784 (800x600)






Welcome to your new home little guys!

We also had another exciting delivery this week. Let us introduce… Gus and Lucy!








These old beauties will be living in our soon to be “Farmers Lounge.” Stay tuned for the opening of that space…

It’s a busy work in progress at the moment, but we hope within the next couple of months this site will be a haven of plants and worms and… coffee! Our retro coffee machine arrives next week! Woohoo!

The grand opening of Circular Food will be announced in the coming weeks.

Hope to see you all for a coffee soon!